How To Lose Your Man Once And For All

How To Lose Your Man Once And For All

Having talked to thousands of people all over the world — men and woman alike — I can clearly see what some of the most important and most common relationship breakers are. And I can say this: no matter what part of the world you’re in, love is the same. So is pain.

So if you’re ready to lose your man, there’s no quicker way than to follow these steps:

Nitpick. Keep nagging your man about things all day every day and you can be sure to push him out the door. Sure, the fact he always leaves the toilet seat up can be a little annoying. And the fact that he doesn’t respond to your texts right away is as grating on your nerves as fingernails going down a chalkboard. And there are a millions other things he does wrong too. Just keep pointing out every flaw — like he isn’t even a human who’s worthy of respect — and you’re sure to push him away quickly.

Be insecure. When he met you, you seemed like a pretty secure woman. You really did. You had it all going on, and no one could tell you anything. Now that you have him, it’s like you’ve started doubting yourself. Every time things go wrong, you start picking at yourself and not acting like the secure woman you once were. Your man was once blind to your insecurities, but now he’s starting to seeing them too — since you’ve enlightened him so thoroughly on what they are. Now, he’s starting to doubt you too. Keep doubting yourself and your man will be certain to find the door.

Turn your back on your friends. Where are all the friends you use to have? Why are you so stuck under him? If you had friends and things to do with them, you wouldn’t have to be so worried about every little move he makes. He has friends, doesn’t he? And sometimes he even seems to put then before you, doesn’t he? Lose your friends and act like you have no one on your side, then your man can treat you any way he wants because he knows no one is there to stick up for you and question his actions anyway.

Stop dressing up. That’s right. Go ahead and stop taking care of yourself, stop going to the gym, stop dressing up, stop putting on your makeup and stop doing your hair. You’ve got him, after all, so you don’t have to do that anymore, right? Never mind if he’s eyeballing the next stylish, young, confident woman that comes into his life. That doesn’t matter to you. He’s yours and he comes home to you every night, right? Eventually he won’t.

Don’t give him space. Be up under him all the time and he’ll leave quicker than you ever thought possible. Every time he goes somewhere, go ahead and think he’s with another woman. Smother him good. This is a sure way to get him to go running for the hills where he can find some peace. Wouldn’t you like it if he was right under your nose whenever you wanted some time to yourself?

If your goal is to keep your man rather than losing him, however, why not do the opposite of what I advise here? In fact, that’s my point. If you’re a generous, sincere, confident, beautiful and respectful woman who treats her man well and gives him space when he needs it, you’ll have guys flocking to you — and the one you choose will want to stay with you forever.

Are you better at attracting men or scaring them away? And could you make some changes in how you deal with the men around you to make your relationships go more smoothly? Strong men like strong women, and you deserve a guy who’s confident in who he is and likes who you are.

Master Psychic Rachel
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Why Is Your #1 Source For Free Psychic Readings

Why Is Your #1 Source For Free Psychic Readings

Since I’ve been in the psychic business more than 20 years and have run for almost 10 years, I think it’s fair that I get to brag a little about why I feel is your number one source for free psychic readings. After all, I’ve talked with more than 10,000 clients from all walks of life and from all over the world, have stellar reviews and have maintained my five-star status.

So what makes my free psychic readings different? Here are five things:

1. We don’t have a bunch of psychics. Here at, you don’t have to worry about sorting through a bunch of psychics. My company is just me and my two assistants. I’ve been sharing my gift of spiritual guidance in this divine industry for over 20 years. I know it can be hard to decide who to trust in the seemingly infinite pool of online psychics. But I’m confident that you and I have connected for a reason, and I’m here to help ease your fears. I even offer first-time clients the opportunity to have a free reading with me. I’m confident that once you experience my powers, there will be no more confusion as to which psychic is right for you.

2. When we say free, we mean free. I’m pleased to answer one of your most burning questions for free. When you submit your first question through my website, you can be sure that one of my two psychic assistants or me will answer you with no obligation — as long as all the information needed (simple things like your name and date of birth) are provided. After you receive your answer, I’ll give you the opportunity to look over my other services and perhaps order a deeper reading. But if you don’t, that’s fine. We respect your choices, always send you our blessings and never pressure you into services you don’t choose to order.

3. We offer real readings from real psychics. When you get a reading at, you get a reading from a real natural-born psychic, not a computer generated reading or the ideas of someone off the street hired and trained to tell people what they want to hear. Still, my assistants have been thoroughly trained and tested to provide you with one of the best free psychic readings you ever had. We trust each other, and I know you will grow to trust us as well.

4. We’re always ethical. Here at we see people as people, not as dollar signs. It’s not all about money, and that’s why I give away lots of free time. When you become a VIP client, you get discounts and extra time for free. There are no timers shutting down the connection between you and I. If I can’t get all I have to say out in the time scheduled, I’ll often provide extra time at no extra charge. VIP clients also know they can come back and ask a few questions between readings or update me on their situation for free. You also don’t have to worry about being pressured into paying for some overly expensive readings or spells. I do light candle work for VIP clients for free, and you’re only charged one price for your reading. You never have to worry about suspicious bills on your statements.

5. We genuinely care. My clients — or angels, as I like to call you — and I have a special bond. If you’ve worked with me, I’m sure you know that I have only the best intentions for you and would never steer you wrong. I go to great lengths to give back as much to you as you give to me. That includes trust, love and respect. No other psychic website provides such a close and strong connection.
I’m happy to be different. And I’m happy to be your first and best choice for free psychic readings and professional psychic services. My clients are my reason for doing this work, and I’ll never let you down. I know we have a great future together.

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